About the Artist

Katayoun Kazemian

Born in 1984 Katayoun Kazemian is a jewelry designer who lives in Los Angeles, CA. She started creating art pieces at the age of 14 and worked her way through to more professional jewelry pieces. At the age of 27, she started Katoon Design with the goal of creating unique handmade jewelry pieces. Katayoun’s grandmother called her by her nickname “Katoon”, the brand name “Katoon Design” was inspired by Katayoun’s grandmother. Katoon Design jewelry pieces embodies simplicity in design, use of natural elements, Persian motifs, tradition and nostalgia.

“As a child, I used to combine and play with every object. I loved to create new accessories with regular items. First I started with paper, thread, fabric, clay, beads, wood and other materials. At the age of 14, I had the chance to offer my handcrafted pieces in different charities and sell them to people. This made it possible for me to share my inspirations and ideas with others. After I got my bachelors degree in Communication Sciences, I recognized that I need something more than theories. Becoming a goldsmith was a turning point for me as I could now express myself, my feelings and my stories with my handcrafted art pieces. Through sharing of these art works, each one of them could be with other people and accompany them in their lives.”

Why Katoon Design?

Unique Designs

You won’t find Katoon Design pieces anywhere else

Specialized Pieces

Pieces are not machine built, so every piece is specialized for you

100% Hand Made

Every piece is made by hand from scratch